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Welcome to the
European Guide to Dating on your Workplace!

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Dating Workplace Project 2004 

The European Dating Workplace Project (2004-20010) brings together partners in 10 European countries to investigate dating in work environments. The project is intended to highlight key singles issues for managers, employees and customers from host and immigrant cultures in public, private and education sectors. Although similar in some respects, workplaces dating across Europe often differ according to context, demography, geographical area, economic sector and intercultural issues.

Focusing on the experience of work in 10 countries across Europe, including Accession States, the aims of the project are to

  • Investigate Dating on workplaces
  • Compare the results across Europe dating community
  • Make our results public

Our findings are particularly targeted at Employers/Manager, Employees that are singles, and are dating on the workplace

  • Policy Departments of National governments and local authorities
  • Departments of Education Places, Trade, Justice Schools
  • Singles Training Organisations for the development of training to meet other singles
  • Higher Education Institutions & Centres of Further Education
  • International business workplaces
  • Teacher workplaces

The project is investigating dating on workplaces in the following key areas:

  • Education (primary, secondary, third level)
  • Public Sector (healthcare, security, transport)
  • Private Sector (SME's, multinationals, tourism/hospitality)

In each target group, the experiences of both those belonging to the host/majority culture and those belonging to immigrant/minority populations are examined, highlighting common and group specific issues.

There are three main strands to the project’s activities. The first part involves dating and singles initiatives across the European Union.

Our Next Travel Study

The next study was from USA and on Las Vegas hotels, we studied managers, employees working on the big Las Vegas hotels and how they where dating. The Las Vegas study will soon be for review here.

If you're a student and want to join one of our next travel studies please contact this travel agent for preparation and info, we travel in groups and try to stay on the same hotels long as posiple we can't offer travel insurance so we recommend using your local agency you can also compare prices here cheap insurance quotes to get and idea on prices.

We will also have a Asian online dating travel study, in the fall 2011 you will be able to find more info about this study and travel later on this online dating info site, please keep in mind only 12 students will be able to join this travel.

Finding social networks to use for studies can be hard so you might want use some of the popular ones, here is a guide for social networks and dating sites

Using the latest news is also a big part of our study as the technology is moving so fast with apps and mobile smart phones,  so it is important to keep updated, we recommend these sources to keep updated:  google news or Adi News about dating



This project is being carried out with the support of the European Dating Community.

The content of this project does not necessarily reflect the position of the European Dating Community,
nor does it involve any responsibility on their part.

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